Civic sense club

Slogan Writing

To sensitize and make the general public aware of the importance of civic sense, the students wrote catchy slogans. They highlighted the need to follow the rules and regulations. Some students focused on importance of being polite and courteous. By doing so, the students imbibed the values of responsibility and sensitivity.

Correct Posture

Students of Civic sense club were made aware of the correct postures to sit in class, way to walk and talk, table manners, etc. They demonstrated all the postures and learned the importance of civic sense.

Helping Grandparents

The students reflected upon how they can help their parents, grandparents, and society. The students shared their views : By obeying their parents and grandparents; By helping them in their daily chores; By sharing their ideas and feelings with their parents; By spending more time and understanding the needs of their grandparents; By maintaining their environment clean; Judiciously use of resources; No violence; Following the rules and regulations; By imbibing the socially accepted behavior and by helping the needy.