Culinary club

Salad Making

A discussion on advantages of healthy eating was held in the introductory session. The students designed logo for the club. Different methods of cooking like non-fire cooking, baking, grilling, etc. were also discussed. The students indulged in salad making using ingredients like cucumber, corn, hung curd, sprouts, lettuce, etc.

Mocktail Making

Thestudents of culinary club made a refreshing drink by mixing the fruit extracts in appropriate quantities to get balanced tinge and taste. Some of them decorated it with a parasol while others used a slice of lemon. Students enjoyed making the delicious summer coolers as they are perfect in weather to beat the heat.

Cup Cake Dressing

Holistic development of students is the need of the hour and goes a long way in building a strong character. Keeping this in mind, culinary club students were engaged in making chocolate cupcakes. Beautifully decorated small cupcakes were aesthetically arranged in a bouquet. Students loved doing this activity

Chocolate Ball Making

Children have great liking for chocolates. As a part of club activity they prepared