English literary club

Weaving Sories

Students of English Literary Club learnt various techniques that are prerequisite for weaving interesting stories. They yarned unique stories and narrated short stories written by famous writers like Charles Dickens, H. G. Wells etc. Keeping in mind the proper diction, pronunciation, intonation and expression, it was a truly enriching session which made students more creative and confident.

Students participated in the activity- ‘Just A Minute’.They spoke on various topics related to social issues. All of them exhibited great oratorical skills and participated with a lot of zeal and gusto.This activity provided a platform which made them aware about the various social issues that are prevailing in the society.

Radio Show

Confidence, Creativity and Humour- this is how the students of English Literary Club started the day with. An activity- Radio Show prepared on a theme of Social Issues, was very well presented by Rohan Kumar(X-C), Leesha (X-A), Ananya (X-E) and Abhinav (X-C). The presentation was researched and created with dialogues. The students of the club could relate to the topic and were completely involved in the activity.

Creative Writing

Students of English Literary Club enhanced their linguistic skills with the help of article writing. The steps to write an article were discussed so that they get a basis for creative writing. A topic was given to them for clarity and better understanding. They did brainstorming for the topic and discussed important aspects before jotting down their ideas in a coherent manner.