Quiz club

Movie Quiz

Quiz masters conducted a visual quiz on Bollywood and Hollywood Genres which came as a surprising test of the young students. Everyone enjoyed the thrilling challenge. The thinking horizons of the young minds were enhanced.

Current Affairs

The Student quiz master asked insightful and interesting questions on General knowledge & Current affairs which the students enjoyed answering enthusiastically. Their General knowledge was enhanced and they were triggered to know more about the happenings of the world. They also solved a few interesting riddles which enhanced their problem solving skills and out of the box thinking.

Science Quiz

Quiz was held on various scientific phenomena like Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, Reflection and refraction etc. Students were brainstormed on a few concepts and their applications in daily life.

Technology Quiz

Students were quizzed visually and orally about the latest technologies like latest Smartphone, first laptop, first tweet of Google etc. Students enjoyed being bombarded by such interesting questions and gathered a lot of updated knowledge and were made to think critically.