Theatre club

Blind Walk

Students of Theatre Club did beginner muscular and trust building activities. In Blind Walk activity, they began exploring the trust on each other. They also practiced walking in different ways while doing Rhythm Walk. They realized that there can be lot of variations in a simple ‘walk’ as well. Moreover, they got a glimpse of how to modulate voice while speaking.

Columbian Hypnosis

The students got to know about how power relations play an important role in the society while doing ‘Columbian Hypnosis’. This activity made them aware of the contemporary issues to bring about a revolution for the welfare of the society. They also did an activity ‘Different and Same’ where they realised that though they have differences in likes and dislikes but they also have similarities. Students of Theatre club forgot their hesitation and came together as a group for each other. They did a team building activity ‘Goat and Lion’ They also did a variation of ‘Columbian Hypnosis’ to instil how suppression is prevailing in our society and what do the oppressor and oppressed feel during subtle power relations. Children shared their experiences and feelings while controlling or being controlled.

Poem Recitation

The students redefined the purpose of ‘Theatre in the Society’. They began with poem writing and recited a few poems. This activity made them aware of different styles of poetry recitation. They also practised few tribal sounds like ‘Shokola’ in different tones.

Ad-Mad Show

Ad-Mad activity was conducted during the club period to provide the students a platform to explore their creativity and stage presence skill. Harkirath (X-A) and Rishabh(X-D) performed an ad on true values, Pari(VII -A), kanishka (IX-D) performed an ad for furniture, Riya (VIII-B) ,Niyati (VI-A) performed an ad of watch.

Mono Acting

Students prepared a script for the Mono Acting activity where they had to portray a character of their choice. They presented their act in front of the students. Pari Sharma (VIII-A) performed the struggle of life of Arunima Sinha. Vinayak(VII-B) performed the story based on UNITY. Bhaya (VI-B) performed an act on SAVE GIRL CHILD.