KIIT World School


“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success.”
-  Swami Sivananda

Student Workshops

Workshop on Time Management (19 May 2017)

Students of class X attended a workshop on Time Management organized by NIE. The resource person, Mr. Ajit Banerjee, opened the session by asking a few ice-breaking questions from the students. Further, he gave a presentation on ‘The Wheel of Life’ which enabled the students to prioritize their most important goals that help them achieve effective and efficient results in all areas of their life. They learned how to deal with time bandits such as procrastination, unclear goals, too many choices and ‘do it myself attitude’. Effective time-management practices were shared for delegating, planning studies, and taking time out for other recreational activities.

Workshop on Mass Legal Awareness (5 May 2017)

Students of class XI attended a workshop on Mass Legal Literacy. The workshop was a part of the campaign to make the youth aware of issues related to adolescence. The resource person was Mr Apoorv Sarvaria, Ld. Metropolitan Magistrate, Rohini Courts, Delhi. The interactive session held a discource on pressing social issues such as Gender Inequalities, Sexual offences and Teenage Pregnancies, Drug and Substance Abuse, Juvenile Justice, Fundamental Rights and more importantly Fundamental Duties enshrined under Article 51-A of the constitution of India. It was indeed an informative sesion for the students.

Workshop on Pranic Healing (5 May 2017)

Students of class XI attended a session on Pranic Healing. Unlike the other workshops, where students are required to be attentive, this workshop made them relax. It began with the introduction to alternative method of meditation and warming up exercises.  The students were made aware of the various chakras in our body. The session consisted of Super Brain Yoga and Twin Heart Meditation. It also included a half an hour session of guided meditation which helped them calm and soothe their mind and soul. 

Workshop by CodeChef (19 April 2017)

Students of classes VII and VIII attended a workshop on computing and informatics organized by CodeChef which provides a platform to aspiring programmers.  The session highlighted the need to learn binary language and programming. Mr Anup was the Resource Person who discussed about algorithms,binary search, technicalities like array size and the likes. He apprised the students of the career options available to them. He also guided the students about different levels of Olympiad in computing and informatics and about training programme to crack these Olympiads.


Workshop on Memory Retention (30 January 2017)

Students of class IX attended a workshop on Memory Retention. The workshop was conducted by four times Guinness World Record Holder for strongest memory, Mr. Muhammad Faisal. In a highly interactive and interesting session, he talked about the journey from untrained to trained memory. He focused on learning through colorful pictures, audio-visual medium because the concepts can be retained for a longer duration. The students were given a new definition of life- Law of linking or association, Imagination or making mental picture, faith in oneself and emotions for better memory retention. He shared many real life examples and gave tips to learn theory easily with the help of colors and family chart. 

Project Paridhi Workshop (21 December 2016)

Tanmay Kaushik, Kashish and Anshika of Astronomy Club attended a workshop on Project Paridhi.
Students performed an Eratosthenes activity in which they calculated the circumference of the earth from the property of interior opposite angles. The students performed the experiment in the beautiful surroundings of Qutub Minar where they considered the distance between Delhi and the place where the sun was overhead. They then calculated the angle of shortest shadow made by the sun and used that angle and the distance between the two locations in the formula: angle of the sun/ 360 degree = distance/ circumference and thus the circumference of the earth was calculated.

Score More for Sure (20 December 2016)

The students of classes X, XI and XII attended a workshop “score More for Sure’. The resource person was Dr. Pankaj Gupta, and eminent clinical hypnotherapist and hypno counsellor. The workshop began with an ice-breaking activity where students were told not to be silent. The students did a lot of activities to improve their concentration. The workshop benefited the students as they were able to release their negative stress before exams. 

Workshop on Mental Health and Adolescent Issues (19 December 2016)
Four students of class VII along with Ms Garima Aggarwal attended a workshop on Mental Health and Adolescent Issues at VSPK School, Rohini. The workshop dealt with many issues that the adolescents face everyday like peer pressure, biological and psychological changes, etc. The resource person Ms. Komal Dhawan discussed the ways to help students overcome the problems. They were also sensitized about the difference between good and bad touch. It was an interactive and informative session where students shared their experiences.

NIE Workshop - 'Words Worth' (14 December 2016)

The workshop aimed at educating students about English Vocabulary in a fun and interactive manner. The students of class VI were involved in a number of activities like quiz where they got to know the meanings of new words. The resource person, Ms Jayshree told the students about roots of words, homophones, synonyms and antonyms. 

Expression India’s Mobile Van visits KIIT (25 November 2016)

Expressions India’s mobile van team conducted a workshop at KIIT World School, Pitampura. The interactive workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session aimed at spreading awareness about the ill-effects of bullying. The students were shown videos depicting instances of bullying. The students presented a role play on the topic and came up with solutions to curb the menace of bullying in schools. In the second session, students discussed about substance abuse and its causes among adolescents. The third session focused on the role of peers, parents, teachers and life skills in bringing about a positive change in the students. 

Workshop on Communication Strategies (21 November 2016)
Four students along with a teacher from KIIT World School, Pitampura attended an informative and interactive workshop on Communication strategies. The workshop was held at Maharaja Agrasain Public School. Students were told about various aspects on communicative skills like, process of communication, qualities of an effective communicator, and correct way of communicating. Tips were also shared for improving the body language to enhance communication. A Number of activities were organised to keep the youngsters engaged. The workshop came to an end with a self assessment on communication, personality and skills. This workshop turned out to be a treasure chest of knowledge on communication skills which is a must for every individual.

Career Counseling Workshop (17 November 2016)

Ashoka University organized a workshop on liberal education at KIIT World School, Pitampura on 17th November, 2016. This workshop was conducted by a university fellow Ms. Karishma Batra who guided the students about the various career options available to them after the completion of their higher secondary education.
At the beginning of the session, counselor asked few questions from the students like – what is liberal education? What stream are they from? And After a brief discussion on liberal education, counselor told the children about the flexible courses offered by Ashoka University. The students were informed about the faculty that has been drawn from across the world and its collaborations with world renowned universities. It had been offering exposure and a very friendly environment to the students to learn and prosper. Students can choose from wide variety of subjects to study and experience the joy of learning. More than 50% of the students are supported with a scholarship which ranges from 15% to 100% and no student is denied education on the basis of their board results. Students were also informed regarding the application process for the university and the annual fee, they seemed to be impressed with the various facilities offered by the university.
The session was concluded with an invitation to the students for the university tour, distribution of brochures and filling of feedback forms by the students. This session ended on a high note as it enlightened the students regarding a new career path available to them.
Workshop on Shakespeare (7 September 2016)

Sarthak Sharma of Class XI along with Ms Shiwangi Ghosh, TGT English attended a workshop 'In search of Shakespeare' held at Springdales School, Pusa Road on 7th September. She replicated the same for the teachers of English department. She briefed them about the three segments of the workshop. The first segment was the bio-sketch of Shakespeare wherein information about the history of Globe Theatre and little known facts about him were shared. Second segment was based on videos related to barbaric side of humans and the urgent need of humanity. Speech by Charlie Chaplin- A message to humanity was shown which moved everyone. The third segment consisted of activities where objects were used to showcase acting skills and expressions. It was a fun session and all the participants benefited a lot.
Workshop on Slam Poetry (9 August)

Muskaan Malhotra, Sakhi Khurana and Taranjeet Kaur of class XI along with Ms Priyanka Sikri, HOD English attended a workshop on Slam Poetry held at Springdales School, Pusa Road. This was a highly interactive session where internationally acclaimed slam poets – Kyle Louw and Ikenna Onyegbula from South Africa and Canada respectively shared their expertise. They told that slam is a simple poetry in which poets perform original work alone or in teams before an audience. This workshop helped enhance the creative writing and thinking skills of the participants. An activity was also conducted where six random words were given and audience was asked to write a poem using only four words in 30 minutes. Randomly, participants recited their poetry and others had to find the two missing words not used by the writer. This activity enhanced listening, speaking, creative thinking and writing skills of the participants.

Workshop on Chemistry(18 July 2016)

Four students of KIIT World School along with chemistry teacher, Ms.Garima Bhutani attended a workshop conducted by Forum of Public Schools. It was a great learning platform for teachers and students to understand how earning Chemistry can be fun? Dr.Brijesh Pare and Dr.Prabodh Chaubey advised the students to stay focused and elucidated some of the works of eminent Nobel prize winners who had a passion for science. It was their determination, strong will power, patience and extreme confidence which brought light to science. They also shared some of the future innovations which will revolutionize the life of mankind. An on -the-spot Chemistry quiz was conducted by the organizers where Ujjwal Goel of class XII won the first prize. 

Candle Making Workshop (19 May 2016)

A workshop on Gel Candle making was conducted by Ms Sonia Bhardwaj for students of classes IX and X. The students unleashed their creativity and came up with many innovative ideas to make aromatic gel candles. They used various decarotive products like shells, sand, sparkles, glitters, beads, etc to create sea bed, garden and other abstarct ideas in their glasses. Each and every student's outcome was a beautiful gel candle!

Career Counselling Workshop (26 April 2016)

Students of class XI had a Career Counselling session with Mr Ajit Bannerjee from NIE where he urged the students to focus on their core strengths instead of following the herd while choosing a career. He also emphasised on the fact that a child must have interest in the chosen field of study. Talking about various avenues, he stressed that it is not necessary that by taking a particular stream only success is assured. He pointed out the need for out of the box thinking and role of the parents in helping a child choose suitable career.


Chocolate Making Workshop (26 April 2016)

Students of class XII enjoyed chocolate making in a workshop organised by NIE. The resource person Ms Alka taught the students some really easy steps to make chocolate at home in a jiffy and that too very economically. The students were very excited to learn the nuances of the art. They were taught to make chocolates by using various ingredients which are easily available at home like fruits, nuts, biscuits, etc. They were also told how to gift wrap them. At the end of the workshop the students got to taste the fruit of their labour- chocolates! 


Workshop on Memory Retention (21st April 2016)

NIE organised a workshop for the students of class VIII on 'Techniques  of Memory Retention'. The resource person Ms Ira highlighted the three basic features of retaining memory, i.e., 'SIMPLIFY', 'EXEMPLIFY, 'AMPLIFY'. She further explained these points, that 'Simplify' means to make a simple and short points sheet on the class lecture by the teacher. 'Exemplify' means to attach self-made examples to your points sheet, to further clarify the points. 'Amplify' refers to reproducing these points in writing answers for home-work and preparing for exams. She suggested students to categorize or distinguish within the content, with the help of colours. She discouraged them for taking home-tuitions. The students found her ideas to be unique and effective. 
NIE Workshop on Net Flower and Folder Making (19 April 2016)

The students of class VI and IX got a wonderful opportunity to explore their creativity in the Net Flower Making and Folder Making Workshop conducted by Ms Zina from NIE. It was a delight to see the enthusiasm of each and every participant who was busy with his or her material and moulding it into a beautiful flower. Likewise, the students used various handmade sheets for making folders and decorated them using ribbons. 
NIE Workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Personality Development (18 April 2016)

Newspaper in Education from the The Times of India organised a workshop for the students of class XI. This was a highly interactive workshop where students came forth and shared their experiences. The resource person Ms Jayshree Mehta shed light on the importance of a pleasant personality and demeanour. She also talked about the fact each and every one is blessed with certain unique qualities which must be honed to get success in life.

Deck of Cards- A Workshop by British Council (11 April 2016)

Nineteen students from KIIT World School, Pitampura along with the accompanying teacher Ms. Ritika Chadha visited The British Council on 11th April, 2016 to attend a workshop- "The Deck of Cards" to explore various art forms and create a deeper vision towards what goes behind the art work. The coordinator invited the students to explore the art work of various artists from UK tracing back to the 20th century as they represented different deck of cards as per their own imagination. Corresponding to their work, was the work of Indian Artists which was created this year. The students presented their interpretation of each card as painted by the artists and tried to analyze the factors such as time period, trend, and nationality of the artist that was reflected in their work. They were later asked to draw out their imagination of any one card, which they did quite aesthetically.
A Musical Session with Ms Betsy Rose (February 12, 2016)
Music is a universal language which is felt by every heart. The same thought was reflected in the workshop conducted by famous American singer, songwriter and activist Ms Betsy Rose in KIIT campus on 12th February 2016. The cornucopia of excitement was visible on the faces of students who flowed freely in the stream of melody that was so mellifluous and harmonious. Ms Rose, with her soulful rendition of the song ‘we shall overcome…’ left an indelible imprint on the minds of everyone present in the workshop. The soothing rhythms reverberated everywhere and filled the entire atmosphere with a feeling that is sublime, divine and incredible. She focused on the social problems that are plaguing mankind and urged the young audience to seek the courage and bravado from the serenity that the world of music provides. It was a delight to see the students engaged in the workshop whole-heartedly. They pledged to be the torch-bearers of the change that they will usher in for a world that is full of peace and universal brotherhood.

Workshop on ‘Honing the Leadership Skills’ (January 28, 2016)
Dr Sangeeta Bhatia,Principal, KIIT World School conducted a workshop on ‘Honing the leadership skills’ at India Habitat Center. The workshop was attended by students of classes VI to VIII. It was a great opportunity for the tender minds to develop the leadership qualities with simple play way methods. They learnt time management while solving the jigsaw puzzle using non verbal means of communication. They showcased their creativity and innovative thinking skills while cooking up an interesting story based on different pictures given to them. The interactive workshop helped in developing coherence of ideas and skills that are a requisite for a successful leader. They also learnt the importance of team spirit and collaboration with a balloon based game. The focus of this workshop was learning by doing where they realized the significance of individual responsibility in a collective responsibility.

Workshop on Innovative Ideas for Implementation of Scientific Concepts (January 22, 2016)
An interactive workshop was organized for the students of Science stream by Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre from Electronics and Communication Engineering Division, NSIT in the school campus. The workshop acted as a catalyst to stimulate the curious minds to know the 'hows' and 'whys' of things that are happening around us. Prof. Gadre, who is a licensed radio amateur, displayed many of his hands-on projects and explained the working, practicality and viability of the prototypes. Most of the projects were based on the concepts of magnetism, electricity and sensors which ignited the keen students and enhanced their reasoning. Prof. Gadre emphasized on the need to create and innovate for a better and safe future. He talked about making super capacitors as the future of batteries as disposing them won't harm the environment. He encouraged students to work in the field of science for the sheer pleasure of it and not only for money. Students got many life lessons during the workshop. A lot of them asked their queries and shared their ideas. This workshop gave a boost to the scientific temperament of the students.

Workshop on Samulnori (December 9, 2015)
Students got a golden opportunity to learn Samulnori at school. Samulnori is a genre of traditional percussion music originated in Korea. Students enjoyed this new form of music taught to them and participated enthusiastically in classes given by Ms. Park Manager, The National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing Arts.


Workshop on ‘Cyber Bullying’ by Mr. Udit Bhatia ( September 11,2015)
A workshop on ‘Cyber Bullying’ was conducted by Mr. Udit Bhatia, a scholar from Oxford University pursuing Ph. D, for the students of humanities on September 11, 2015. In this interactive workshop, the students debated on how much ‘freedom of expression’ is too much in the virtual world. Many case studies were shared where social networking sites like twitter and face book have been rather misused by people by using offensive and derogatory language. He urged the students not to use social networking sites to malign someone’s image. In the second session he discussed about the reservation for minorities in the field of education. It was a platform for the students to voice their opinion on this burning issue that has hogged the limelight in the print and electronic media for quite some time now. He also made the students aware of the different systems of education around the world and highlighted their positive and negative aspects. 

Workshop on Forensic Science( September 8, 2015)
Forensic science has always fascinated the young minds to explore the vast horizon of this field. Students of class XII and XI (science stream) were delighted to attend a session on forensic science by Dr.G.S.Sodhi, Khalsa College, Delhi University. The session focused on the types of fingerprint patterns and how each individual possesses a unique pattern which helps the forensic experts to solve a crime. Dr Sodhi elaborated simple techniques to develop the fingerprint pattern to collect the evidences. Some of the techniques shared with students were powder method, ninhydrin method, spray formulation iodine fuming method etc. The case studies shared along with evidences motivated the listeners to devise the case and solve the mystery as per the evidences obtained from the crime scene. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students to pursue this as a career in their life and also become more observant of their surroundings.

Workshop On Robotics ( July 6,2015)

A session on Robotics was organized for students of class VI-XII by  Robospecies . The main aim of the workshop was to let the students explore ,innovate and enjoy the technology. The workshop also focused on various aspect of robotics including human and artificial intelligence. The best part of the workshop was that the students were given kits and they had to make robots using given algorithms. It was hands on experience for the students where they learned the nuances of technology that is here to stay.


Workshop On Sewage Water Treatment ( July 4,2015)

A Workshop on Sewage water treatment and Nano-technology was conducted by Dr. Shruti Vats and Dr. Nidhi Rana from KIIT College of Engineering. The workshop made the students of class XI and XII (Sciences) aware of the opportunities in the field of Nano-Technology that are going to widen the approach of other technologies in future. The workshop also sensitised the students on the issue of sewage water treatment comprising very specific techniques using chemicals. Water is very essential component required by humans. If we don’t take any action now, we could face dire consequences resulting in non- availability of potable water.


Workshop by NIE by The Importance of Good Communication (April 10,2015)

A workshop on the importance of developing Good Communication skills was  organized for secondary students. Ms. Ira Sehgal, the facilitator of the workshop highlighted the need for honing communication skills in students as they are gearing up to meet the challenges of the outside world. Be it a successful leader, business tycoon, an entrepreneur, salesman or a someone aspiring for a job, it’s imperative that they possess effective communication skills to excel in their fields. Students were provided with opportunities to practice the art of communication by involving them in simple discussions that revolved around the key issues they deal with and feedback was given to them for further  improvisation. Students also understood how important it is to understand your target audience and develop empathy to master the craft.

The Awakened Citizen Programme (14 November 2014)

Workshop on 
Nine is mine campaign on child/human rights (17 October 2014)

KIITians Dimple Madaan, Saba Nehal, Saru Sharma and Yuvam Yadam attended a workshop held by Nine is mine campaign on child/human rights at the UN Office, Lodhi Estate on 17 October 2014 . Following the Nobel win by Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai for extraordinary work in the field of child rights, the aim of the workshop was to promote the same in youngsters.

The workshop started with a convergence of views and ideas that everyone had about the campaign as well as child rights. Later these were shared with another group of students from New Zealand through a video conference. At that point students shared their activity called drumming out poverty with the other students.

In the next phase, students were divided into many groups. And each were given an information card. Each if these cards listed a child right that has been ratified by all the countries. Now the students were given the tedious task of assessing the position of each of these rights in their life as well as in the nation.

The session ended with a reflection from students. Assessing rights was a very difficult task, but we were amazed at the number of rights that children had.


Career Counselling Workshop by Expressions India (20th August 2014)

The  fourth enlightening workshop conducted by the Expressions India ( CBSE Empanelled Agency ) held on 20th August 2014 at National Science Centre , Pragati Maidan  was on "Career Counselling".

Students of various schools took part in the workshop and discussed their career aspirations, how to reach their destination, factors influencing their career options. The resource person started the workshop by asking questions like why do we need career counselling, how to choose the best career option available, why to have a career. She broadened the knowledge of the students by making them understand the difference between a career and a job. Students were also asked to do their SWOT analysis and hence they were made clear that how the strengths can linked and converted to opportunities. At the end students were asked present role plays on the factors that influence their career choices. These role plays helped in expanding their horizon of knowledge.

The workshop proved immensely valuable to the students.

Train the trainer : Improving quality by developing our systems and approach the CPD  (19th August 2014)

The main objective of the workshop was to know the meaning of CPD, why it is necessary and how it can improve the quality of the teaching learning process.  The workshop began with an introductory activity of introducing each other. Further it was divided into six sessions. In the session one, the meaning of Continuous Professional Development was discussed by the resource person. It was made clear by the resource person that CPD is as much about students as it is about teachers. If we need to improve the quality of learning by students then the teachers need to first improve themselves. The session two involved the discussion on the key ingredients of the CPD (Planning, Aims to develop skills, starts with an end etc). Ten ingredients were discussed in detail by the resource person. The CPD strategies were discussed in the third session where emphasis was made on how we can develop the potential of our staff. In the fourth session the emphasis was made on how to improve behaviour management. Tools like Think, pair, share, setting time goals, lolly lotto, merit system etc to manage behaviour of the students was discussed. The fifth session comprised of discussion on how to improve planning. This involved knowing the difference between learning objective, activity and target and defining the success criteria. The last session was about reflecting on the learning of the day.

The sessions were accompanied with activities which made learning more interesting and enjoyable.

Workshop on Career Counselling (13th August 2014)

A workshop was conducted for the students of class XII by Mr Jitin Chawla in association with Times NIE on 13th August 2014. The workshop had an objective of discussing various career opportunities with the students along with guiding them for various courses. There was a panel of cordinators approaching the students for appearing in different levels of exams. Students participated actively and had an informative doubt session with Mr Jitin Chawla.

Mental Health and Adolescent Issues (2nd August 2014)

The second enlightening workshop conducted by Expressions India, (CBSE empanelled agency) held on 30th July’14 at National Science Auditorium, Pragati Maidan. The topic was Mental Health and Adolescent issues which fetched huge presence of students from different participated schools.Students from various schools participated in an open discussion about Adolescent issues such as emotional problems, behavioural problems, substance abuse, identity problems, thinking and studying problems, adolescent pregnancies and so on.

Peer Mentor's Workshop (1st August 2014)

Workshop by Ms.RupamSah, Lead Learner, Quality Education Asia on 30th July 2014. Students from classes VII to X participated in this workshop where they shared their views on the iSMART classes that are regularly held in the school. The purpose of this workshop was to prepare the students and equip them with various Life Skills such as critical and reflective thinking, problem solving etc. For this, the students were given numerous problematic situations to act upon and come up with practical solutions for the same.

Astronomy Club Workshop (1st August 2014)

Students of our School attended a workshop of astronomy club for the enrollment of Module 1 and Module 2. Young learners were thrilled to perform the activity of making and launching their own rocket using the technique of air pressure. Various activities to be conducted during the year such as comet making , cardinal directions etc was shared with them.

Inspire Aspire Workshop by Ms. Julie Thompson (20th March 2013)

Inculcating global values and character building has been the focus of KIIT World School, Pitampura. An interactive session was conducted by Ms. Julie Thompson, Programme Coordinator Inspire- Aspire developed by Character Education Scotland. The workshop enabled the students to delve deeply who they are and what they want to be. It was as an attempt to connect with self and the world. It provided the students an opportunity to understand how young minds think globally, what motivates them and who they aspire to be. KIIT students are now gearing up to participate in the Global Poster Making Competition in collaboration with their partner school Waid Academy, Scotland