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True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their

In-Service Training Programmes

Workshop on Forensic Sciences (27 July 2017)

KIIT World School organised a workshop on 'Forensic Sciences' for Science teachers and students. The workshop was conducted by Dr. G. S. Sodhi, Associate Professor, S.G.T.B. Khalsa College Delhi University. It was an informative session where Dr. Sodhi deliberated upon the importance of Forensic Sciences and career options available to students.

Workshop on Sanskrit teaching (20 July 2017)

Ms Neelam Solanki and Ms Soniya Gulati attended a conference on "Role of Schools in advancing global profile of Sanskrit". The conference focussed on the need to preserve Sanskrit language and popularize it among the youth.

Workshop on Enhancing English Language Skills (12 July 2017)
Ms. Ritika Kansra attended a workshop on Enhancing Language Skills to equip teachers with various activities that must form a part of their teaching strategies to enhance learning in English classes. The workshop focused on increasing student talking time and decreasing the teacher talking time in the classroom with the help of various strategies. These techniques cater to various problems English teachers face in their respective classes.

Training Session on Teaching Excellence (28 June 2017)

KIIT World School, Pitampura organized a training session for teachers on Understanding different learning styles of the learners. The resource person was Ms Charu Bajaj from Skills and You, an organization certified by National Skill Development Corporation. The workshop began with an ice-breaker where teachers were asked to list the factors that affect learning using different types of GOs (Graphical Users). The session harped on modifying the teaching style according to the needs of the learners. Many classroom assessment techniques were discussed during the interaction. A lot of emphasis was laid on integrating creative and critical thinking strategies in the teaching and designing lesson plans to achieve the learning outcomes. It was an enriching experience for the teachers as they were empowered with many tools and techniques to plan effective lessons.

Workshop on Water Management (24 May 2017)
"Water is the bloodstream of the biosphere and the determinant of our future"
Ms Tanvi Dahiya and Ms Divya Kalra attended a workshop on Water Management titled ‘Too much or not enough: managing water in a changing climate’ at Press Club of India. The resource person was Dr Mark Johnson, an Eco hydrologist from Canada. The session started with a presentation highlighting the importance of managing water in day to day life. He discussed about the Eco-hydrology, vegetation, recycling water, greenhouse effect and how to manage blue and green water. He laid emphasis on food energy nexus and talked about relationship among water, food and energy. The workshop concluded on a high note where ways to manage and conserve water were discussed.





Faculty Training Program by Google (23 May 2017)
Ms Neha Khindria, Ms Heena Gandhi and Ms Arushi Dilavari attended a training program on Scratch programming and App Inventor organized by Google at Modern School, Barakhamba Road. The workshop focussed on how can the children, at an early age, be encouraged to learn programming. The session included a training program on effective and interactive use of Scratch to make codes. Interesting tips were shared to encourage students to create their own animations and learn to think out of the box. The teachers were given hands-on training to use Scratch and App Inventor. The workshop also provided teachers with the tools that are required to impart skills to the students and hence motivate them to enhance their programming skills.

Korean Art Exhibition (20 May 2017)

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.” - Paul Cezanne
Ms. Saumya Magan from KIIT World School attended the opening ceremony of a prestigious Art exhibition ‘Hiding Inside the Light’ on 20th May, 2017 at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. This one-month long exhibition that showcases works of art of Kim Ho Suk, a leading artist from South Korea is in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre. Through this exhibition an attempt has been made to portray Ho Suk’s journey of exploration of Korea. His works of art provide an opportunity to look at India-Korea relations afresh. This exhibition will truly contribute to wider bilateral artistic exchanges and thus will succeed in strengthening the special friendship between India and Korea.



ATL Workshop (18 May 2017)

KIIT World School, Pitampura organised an ATL Workshop in association with STEMROBO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Various schools from Delhi NCR, who have received the ATL grant from Govt. of India, participated in the workshop. The interactive session focussed on capacity building and providing training to teachers and students for ATL setup in schools. The STEMROBO team discussed about numerous aspects involved in the setup like procurement of equipment, execution and implementation of this ambitious project to promote the innovation culture among school students. They also deliberated on the need to setting up of an advisory board for each school which will help them through mentorship and webinars by industry veterans. Many videos and live models were demonstrated to let the students think out of the box. The workshop provided a platform to participating teachers to clarify their doubts and share their views on the same.

The Awakened Citizen Program (12 and 13 May 2017)

Ms Anjali Bhardwaj attended 'The Awakened Citizen' program at Ramakrishna Mission. The workshop was based on Swami Vivekananda's values and aimed at bringing forth the infinite source of goodness, strength, possibilities that is inherent in every human being.

Workshop on Enquiry Based Learning (11 May 2017)

Ms Priyanka Sikri attended a Capacity Building Program on Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) at Remal Public School, Rohini. The workshop was conducted by Ms Rupam Sah, Lead Learner from Quality Education Asia. The interactive and activity based workshop delved into the relevance of EBL which encourages students to learn through participation, reiteration, peer review, reflection and involvement that leads to understanding. The participating teachers made Lesson plans employing EBL and including six E’s of Constructivism which are Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate and Extend. The teachers were equipped with innovative pedagogies to ignite inquisitive minds of students in an interesting manner and achieve learning outcomes as well.

Workshop​ on Advance Dialogue Skills (3 May 2017)
Ms Ritika Kansra from KIIT World School attended a workshop​ on Advance Dialogue Skills  at Apeejay School, Pitampura. The workshop, organized by Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, gave insights to teachers as to how they can mentor the students to give a better dialogue delivery during Video Conferences. The workshop aimed at empowering the mentor with techniques to ensure a cultural exchange rather than mere factual conversation between students across the globe. Benefits of engaging in Team Topics as well as Alumni Mentors were also explored during the course of workshop

Workshop on Changes in Economics Syllabus (22 April 2017)

Mr. Puneet Khurana attended a workshop on Changes in Economics Syllabus in class XII from session 2017-18. The workshop comprised of a book launch by senior Economic Faculty from various schools.

Workshop on ICT Integration (21 April 2017)

Ms Heena Gandhi attended a workshop on ICT Integration in education, conducted by Connected Classrooms. The workshop focused on preparation of lesson plans and inclusion of ICT in them for effective teaching. Google tools such as speech recognition, forms, speech to text conversion were discussed. The teachers also had hands on experience for an online platform (Poll everywhere) to take opinions from the faculty and create questionnaire for evaluating students.

Educovex Workshop (15 April 2017)

Ms Shiwangi Ghosh from KIIT World School and Ms Shubhi Soni from Happy Hours School attended the 9th EDUConvEx workshop cum meet on ‘Leveraging English Language to Enhance Subject Learning’ on April 15, 2017 at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park. Eminent educationists like Prof. M.M. Pant (Founder LMP Education Trust), Ms Vijaya (Sr. Assessment Service Manager, Cambridge India), John Kerr(CEO of QAI) and John Robertson (Head of ESL at Woodstock School, Mussoorie) emphasized on the role of English in education which acts as a gateway to English culture and literature. They further highlighted the need of developing English as a language across subjects at the school level to appreciate the core knowledge and become fluent in the language of communication which - in the current global context - is English.

Workshop on enhancing Inter-Personal Skills (28 January 2017)

A workshop on Development of Personal and Professional skills for effective relationship was conducted by Mr Puneet Kumar, Deputy HR Manager, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. He shared some scientific facts related to human behavior. He stressed on the fact that we should substitute the words ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’ and ‘Mine’ in our dictionary with ‘you’. Doing so have many advantages. Many tips were given to enhance our interpersonal relationships like understanding the right way to critique others, agreeing with people, and thanking people sincerely by looking into their eyes and making a good impression. He also discussed about various personality traits in human beings and how we can improve our short comings. The session proved to be quite beneficial for the teachers.

Workshop on Enhancing Exploration Skills (30 November 2016)

Ms Divya Kalra from KIIT World School, Pitampura attended a workshop on Enhancing Exploration Skills. The workshop focused on the features of active and passive learning. There was a discussion on recommendations of NCF for Science teaching in primary schools. Various teaching practices were shared to enhance exploration skills in students. The teachers were informed about creating inter-disciplinary activities while delivering any concept in class like hot potato, loop cards, odd one out, DIY Bingo, blockbuster, tweet it, etc.

Workshop on Stress Management (30 November 2016)

Ms. Parveen Mehta from KIIT World School, Pitampura attended a workshop on Stress Management along with five students at S.D. Public School. The resource person was Dr Pankaj Gupta. He talked about various types of stress and its effect on mind, body and soul. He shared strategies to avoid negative stress which hampers our growth as an individual. There was an open session for the participants where they asked questions and shared their stress related problems. 

Chemistry Workshop at NCERT (20 and 21 October 2016)
Ms.Garima Bhutani of KIIT WORLD SCHOOL, Pitampura attended two days programme on "Development of e-resources in Chemistry at Higher Secondary stage" at NCERT, Delhi organised by Dr.R.K.Parashar . It was a great learning experience to share knowledge and exchange ideas for development of Chemistry. The experimental aspects of concepts were discussed and videos were recorded which will enable the student to apply knowledge. "What you see and do will help you to retain it for a longer time” was the main ideology behind this workshop.

Bhasha Vartni and Lipi Workshop (29 September 2016)

KIIT World School, Pitampura organized a workshop on Bhasha Vartni and Lipi under the aegis of Vishv Nagri Vigyan Sanstha. The resource persons were Prof. Hari Mohan Sharma HOD, Hindi Department, Delhi University and Dr. Krishan Kumar Goswami Director, Nagri Sansthan. They focused on improving vocabulary, spellings and script of students through activities and innovative teaching aids. The workshop was attended by teachers from various schools of Delhi.

Times NIE Teacher's Meet (19 September 2016)
Ms Saumya Magan from KIIT World School, Pitampura attended Times NIE teachers’ meet on 19th September, 2016 at Kidzania, Noida. The event commenced with lightning of the lamp. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Puneet Jain, Senior Vice President of the Times Of India. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards all the teachers and further talked about the Times NIE website which not only focuses on learning through fun but also holistic development and structured discovery.
The event laid emphasis on the importance of empowering children in today’s world. There were an array of activities like lucky draw, talent hunt, title round, earthquake drill etc. Times NIE truly succeeded in providing an authentic and powerful platform where teachers discovered, explored and learned a lot.

Workshop on Stress Management (17 September 2016)

Three teachers from KIIT World School, Pitampura attended a workshop on ‘Stress Management: Making the Mind Brighter’ organized at Ahlcon International School. The resource person Swami Chidrupananda ji from Chinmaya Mission reiterated the fact that stress is an essential part and it cannot be avoided, no matter what we do. However, he cautioned that we should not let stress take over our lives. He focused on the strategies and core principles of life to manage and cope up with excessive stress by diminishing the density of ego. It was a great learning experience for the participants and they definitely took home the tips to de-stress themselves!

Workshop on Shakespeare (7September 2016)

Ms Shiwangi Ghosh, TGT English attaended a workshop 'In search of Shakespeare' held at Springdales School, Pusa Road on 7th September. She replicated the same for the teachers of English department. She briefed them about the three segments of the workshop. The first segment was the bio-sketch of Shakespeare wherein information about the history of Globe Theatre and little known facts about him were shared. Second segment was based on videos related to barbaric side of humans and the urgent need of humanity. Speech by Charlie Chaplin- A message to humanity was shown which moved all. The third segment consisted of activities where objects were used to showcase acting skills and expressions. It was a fun session and all the participants benefited a lot.

Workshop on Slam Poetry (9 August 2016)

Ms Priyanka Sikri attended a workshop on Slam Poetry held at Springdales School, Pusa Road. This was a highly interactive session where internationally acclaimed slam poets – Kyle Louw and Ikenna Onyegbula from South Africa and Canada respectively shared their expertise. They told that slam is a simple poetry in which poets perform original work alone or in teams before an audience. This workshop helped enhance the creative writing and thinking skills of the participants. An activity was also conducted where six random words were given and audience was asked to write a poem using only four words in 30 minutes. Randomly, participants recited their poetry and others had to find the two missing words not used by the writer. This activity enhanced listening, speaking, creative thinking and writing skills of the participants.

Learning for Future Readiness (23rd April 2016)

Ms Priyanka Sikri attended the 8th EDUConvEX conference on the theme- Learning for Future Readiness held at Air Force Auditorium. The conference delved into the criticality of being future ready where the keynote speaker Prof. M.M. Pant focused on the development, delivery and promotion of educational products to cater to the young learners. Prof. David Finegold, founding Chief Officer for American Honors emphasised on the prerequisites for change namely vision, need, means, rewards and feedback. He told that the onus for change lied on the organisation by focussing on innovation and demonstrating a high degree of trust so that the students benefit and become future ready.

Workshop on Bioinformatics (6th April 2016)

Mrs Neelam Solanki attended a workshop on Bioinformatics organized by Indian Environmental Society. The Chief guest of the occasion was Dr. Gulshan Wadhwa, Director, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology. Dr. B.C Sabat, Senior Scientific officer gave an introduction on bioinformatics and elaborated about herbal garden. Dr Wadhwa reiterated the fact that drugs and medication cannot resolve the genetic problems. Telling the benefits of bioinformatics, he focused on the need to perform experiments using technology rather on the animals. Information about Global Science Olympiad was given to the gathering and participants were felicitated with the certificates.


Science Workshop (23rd March 2016)
Ms.Garima Bhutani of KIIT World School, Pitampura attended a Science Workshop organized by Rashtriya Aavishkar Abhiyaan at RPVV,Rajniwas Marg. The two day long workshop provided an opportunity to the teachers to conduct experiments and have hands on experience. It was an enriching experience for the teachers to develop new activities for students so that learning becomes joie de vivre for them. The workshop stressed on activity based learning where the onus lies on the students.

Workshop on Creating Leaders (6th March 2016)

Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti organised ‘Youth Conclave on Leadership Development-A Gandhian Perspective’ on March 6, 2016.  Ms Bharti Sharma participated in this interactive programme which proved useful in providing insights into making of a true leader. Among the eminent personalities was Dr. Kenneth R. Garren, President of the Lynchburg College, USA. He shared his views on leadership that comes with diversity of thoughts. Leaders do right things in comparison to managers who do things right. Accordingly, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. He advised young leaders to set individual short term goals and have courage to take up challenges in life. It was indeed a great learning experience.

Workshop on Demystifying SST and Making it fun (5th March 2016)
Teachers from Social Science Department attended a workshop on “Demystifying SST and Making it fun” on 5th March 2016 at DPS Gurgaon, Sector -45. A lot of strategies were shared to enhance students’ interest at every step including assessment, assignment, projects, etc. that involve immediate and larger goals. The workshop focused on building the core competencies of the learners by involving them in the teaching –learning process. Many interesting activities were conducted during the course of the workshop which helped the participants to organize ideas for their classroom teaching. The participants held discussions and shared their experiences of effective teaching pedagogy.

Workshop on Curriculum Review of Hindi and English Syllabus (6th October 2015)

Ravi Sharma from Hindi department participated in a workshop on Curriculum Review of Government Schools at Spring Dales, Pusa Road on 6th October 2015.

Refresher Teacher Training Workshop (5th October 2015)

Tony Blair Faith Foundation organised a Refresher Teacher Training Workshop for teachers. The workshop was designed to launch major Research Project based on F2F. The platform was also used to discuss practical tools to encourage dialogue skills in students. Ms. Rashmi Srivastava attended the interactive session and shared the impact of International exposure to students. KIIT has also launched a iConnect to focus on F2F activities like Video- conference, team blogging and snapchat.


School Leadership Workshop (18th - 20th September 2015)

KIIT World School, Pitampura participated in the School Leadership Workshop organised by IECS at India International Centre from 18 to 20 September 2015. The school has always taken an initiative to channelise the talent of budding leaders. This was a golden opportunity for Sheetal Soni and Shivani Singh, who represented KIIT World School, to hone their leadership ability and understand the finer nuances of managerial and organizational skills. Prof. (Dr.) B.L. Handoo with his team conducted this three day workshop which was attended by heads and leaders of prestigious schools from all over the country. The highlight of the workshop was to train Principals and school heads to become resonant leaders.


The workshop also focused on dealing with sensitive issues like POCSO. The sole aim of the program was to create leaders in educational institutions who can cater to the needs and aspirations of the pupils, parents, teachers, management, society and all other stakeholders.

Workshop on road safety (June 30, 2015)

A workshop was conducted by Shishupal Singh and Karishma Khosla two of our teachers , along with group of students who attended a five day workshop at Punjabi Bagh Traffic Training Park,which was meant to drill students with traffic rules and safety measures.This workshop made them aware about different road markings and symbols. The same was shared with all the faculty members.They not only shared the correct body postures requisite for riding a two wheeler but also made every one aware with the guidelines to be follwed by the school as well as the parents in order to keep a check on students. A 24-hour helpline number was also shared in case of emergencyor disobeyence of traffic rules.




Workshop on facilitating the teachers to be good and competent  (June 30, 2015)

A workshop on 'How to be a Good Teacher' was conducted on 30th June , 2015 by the Principal of KIIT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dr M.Sen Gupta.He stressed on contextual based learning .He urged the teachers to trigger the thinking of their students and remove self imposed limits. He also held a session on 'Questioning the Question' where he emphasized on the quality of questions asked by the teachers. He elaborated various kinds and types of questions based on their purpose and specific outcomes.It was indeed a great leaning experience for all the teachers.



Workshop on Anger Management ( June 29 , 2015)

Workshop on Anger Management was replicated by one of the teachers Ms Simpy Jadiala. In this session causes of anger and their consequences were discussed in detail. Anger is an emotion,but we should know how to channelize it. Also,there is very thin line between anger and aggression. The presentation stressed on controlling the anger by suggesting various ways like,awareness , acknowledgement , acceptance , detachment from the situation.



Workshop On Opening Doors Of Education For Children With Special Need ( June 29 , 2015)
A workshop on Inclusive Education was replicated by Ms Anu and Ms Bela, where they talked about collaboration , beloningness and connection with all the students.They also guided the teachers to identify the students with special needs and accomodate them .They suggested to work together including parents , therapists, counsellors and social workers to make the children with special needs comfortable.Certain DO's And DONT's were also discussed while catering to these children.


Workshop on Life Skills (June 25, 2015)

A workshop on Life Skills was conducted by Ms. Rupam  Sah ,Lead Learner,Quality Education Asia and Ms. Tarana. The workshop was divided into three main pointers i.e co-scholastic aspects of CCE: life skills and I-smart classes.The workshop dealt with various challenges faced by teachers while interacting with students. A questionaire was filled by teachers to make them aware of essential life skills. This was  followed by a plethora of activities conducted in groups. The teachers performed role plays and case studies were discussed in order to enhance ways of conducting life skills and overcome the difficulties /challenges faced by them.


An interactive session by Eminent Educationist Mr Brij Bhardwaj ( June 23,2015)

In this session , the issues related to the teaching profession were discussed. He gave tips to the teachers to improve their classroom management and image in front of students and parents. He focussed on Learned Intelligence where he stressed on giving multiple exposure to the concept being taught to give stimulus to the students.


Workshop on Achieving Personal and organisational Effectiveness (May-23,2015)

A workshop on 'How can we be more effective in our professional life' was organised for Teachers. Ms Anju Mehta,the facilitator of the workshop discussed about EHI (Education and Health International ) wherein we discussed about an endeavour to empower,enable and equip educators and healthcareprofessionals. we did the SWOT analysis i.e. how to strengthen our strengths , overcome our weakness , to grab an opportunity / learn and to face our threats. we learnt about Time management, we analysed on Paradigm and behaviours and how to improve our perceptions.

Workshop on Innovative Teaching and Learning Pedagogy by Professor James Arvanitakis, University of Western Sydney, Australia (7th May 2015)

A workshop on Innovative Teaching and Learning Pedagogy was organized by NPSC on 7th May  2015 at Spring dales School , Pusa Road. It was a highly interesting and interactive workshop where Prof. James stressed upon the need to innovate. In this highly demanding world of imparting education, the roles of teachers are ever changing. They have to be more professional in their approach and outcomes. These are the times for Innovative Teaching and thus the need for innovative teaching pedagogy. Prof. James articulated on the need to follow ‘Start at the end’ approach for curriculum development. He emphasized on creating interest while introducing a topic and then retaining it throughout the class while keeping in mind different learning needs of the students. He focused on keeping the knowledge alive and around the students by asking them questions which are ‘ungoogable’ and require them to reflect and think. Another important aspect that he talked about was giving challenge to students after every 10 to 12 minutes to reenergize them and retain their attention.

Workshop by University of Birmingham (April 07,2015)

Ms Ellen O’Brien, International Career Advisor in the Careers and Employability Network, University of Birmingham conducted a workshop titled “UK University’s Employability Support Services for International Students” on 7 April 2015. The workshop was attended by Ms Sheetal Soni and Ms.Aradhna (the school counselor) at the office of British Council, Connaught Place.