KIIT World School


“The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”
―Dale Carnegie

Video Conferences

Older Persons Videoconference (1st October 2013)

Students from classes IX to XI participated in a video conference with High School Al-Warqa'a, Purkal Youth Development Society, Cambridge School, Indirapuram on ‘Older Persons’.

They discussed the issues faced by senior citizens in your communities and how students can be engaged with this very special community. They spoke about their personal experiences as well as addressing some of the difficult problems facing the elderly.  Many of them shared life lessons they have learned from a special older person in their lives and discussed the many roles grandparents and elderly have in the community.  They reflected on what their faiths/ beliefs have to say about the importance of the elderly.

Conference with St. Marks and DLF Public School on Environmental issues (05 August 2013)

KIIT World School participated in Multi Point Video Conferencing Session with DLF Public School and St. Marks Sr. Secondary School on Environment. Being the Green School, KIIT  has taken a pledge to bring a change and step closer to a greener and cleaner world. A meaningful dialogue and purposeful exchange of ideas empower students to be a powerful instrument in bringing awareness about the environmental issues our country is grappling with.
The students began with sharing information about the place that they find most peaceful and then build conversation on issues related to environment and how they can make a difference in their communities. The students also identified ever growing population as a major source of depletion of natural resources and how Re-forestation can help us overcome the effect of Deforestation. They discussed the recent Uttarakhand tragedy and the how human activities were responsible for extensive loss of lives and property in the region. The session moderator Jo Malone appreciated KIIT students for their probing question which took the dialogue to a deeper level.

Video Conferencing with Kingsbridge Community College, London (8th July 2013)

Students of KIIT World School, Pitampura, Delhi and Kingsbridge Community College, London participated in an hour long Video- Conferencing Session on Faith, Beliefs and Values as they are perceived and followed by Indian and British students. This gave the students an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding about each other’s communities, their beliefs and practises. Students of both the schools shared information about their religion, festivals and values attached to them. They showed a lot of curiosity knowing about each other’s traditions and how as young generation they follow them. It helped the students build their knowledge about a different culture and develop respect for other religions.

Conference with Global Adventurer Elia Saikaly (29th April 2013)

Students interacted with Global Adventurer Elia Saikaly through Videoconferencing who is presently on his 6th expedition to Mt. Everest. As students could see, the weather was clear with temperature around 20 degree Celsius and Elia was in jovial mood, excited to talk to KIITians. The students asked him questions about his journey, preparation, challenges and memorable moments. He motivated them with encouraging stories and shared valuable experiences of mountaineering. He gave them the message - Ad Astra : Always aim high. The students were inspired by his determination and passion to pursue their dreams against all odds.

Conference with Waid Academy, Scotland (19th December 2012)

The theme for this conference was Food and Nutrition. Students had an interesting discussion on delectable dishes from bith the countries. The British students appreciated the fact that Indian youngsters enjoy home-made healthy food and Indian students were delighted to know how popluar Indian cusine is in UK.