KIIT World School

Session 2013 - 14

The concept of student parliament was introduced in session 2013 – 14 with an objective of teaching students about political parties, preparing manifestos, campaigning, holding elections, voting and counting of same, concept of the nominated members, opposition and its role. Respecting other’s opinion, understanding majority and minority, democratic decision making, tolerance, coexisting and still governing were some important life skills are the skills that was the primary aim of this initiative.
The students were given ministries according to their capabilities. The ministers took an oath of integrity on the day of investiture when badges were given to them by the principal.  Core members of the parliament are – Prime Minister & his deputy, Speaker and his deputy, Leader of Opposition & his deputy, Secretary General and His Deputy. 

 Our Proud Parliamentarians 

Sr. No.
Position Class XII Class XI
  Prime Minister Naman Anand  XII B  
  Deputy Prime Minister   Aashira Singh  XI B
  Speaker ( Nominated member) Niharika Sharma  XII C  
  Deputy Speaker   Aditya Naiyyar  XI A
  Leader of Opposition Sudhanshu Bhatti  XII F  
  Deputy leader of opposition   Akash Chawla  XI F
  Secretary General Praveen Sharma  XII A  
  Deputy Secretary General   Upma Golyan  XI B
1)                Ministry of Planning Nishtha Khanna XII B Kanika XI B
2)                Minister of Health and Hygiene Khushboo Goel XII B Priya Rathee XI A
3)                Minister of Defense& Self Safety Norms Javanjot Kaur XII C Abhishek Kansal XI A
4)                Minister of Science and Technology Sudhanshu Bhatti XII F Ankit Mathur XI A
5)                Minister of  Transport &  Dispersal Deepanshu Trehan XII C Gaurav Solanki XI B
6)                Minister of Communications and IT Aditya  Verma  XII F Supreet Arora  XI F
7)                Minister of Norms and Justice    Jagriti Verma XII D Mahima Khurana  XI D
8)                Minister of Commerce and Finance Paras Goel XII B Srijan Kishore  XI B
9)                Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Vasu Chaudhary XII D Rashi Arora XI C
10)            Minister of External Affairs Deepanshi Gupta XII B Shreya Kharbanda  XI B
11)            Minister of Human Resource Development Smriti Garodia XII B  Nikita Kuhar XI B
12)            Minister of Culture Tanisha Anand XII D Akshay Kumar XI D
13)            Minister of Environment and Water Resources Parul Pahuja XII D Rhythm Jain  XI D
14)            Minister of Sports Ishan Dabas XII C Honey Singh  XI F
15)            Minister of Language & Literature Khushboo Wadhwa XII A Esha Sehgal XI C
16)            Minister of Conceptual Mathematics Yash Kamal Mittal XII F Vishu Singh XI F
17)            Minister of Disciplinary Affairs Amrita Sachdeva XII C Hardik Nagpal XI B
18)            Minister of Peer Educators Kanika Arora XII B Nikhil Pratap Singh XI F
19)            Minister of Food & Beverages Vaishali Gupta XII B Prachi Kapoor  XI D
20)            Minister of Education and Assessment Deepak Bansal XII B Supreet Kaur XI B
21)            Minister of School Plant Maintenance Srishti Mittal XII D Vatan Sharma  XI C