KIIT World School

Morning Assembly

The school strives to create a community of thinkers, decision makers and go getters who are determined to improve the quality of life with their passion and relentless efforts. To turn this vision into reality the school has taken many initiatives and adopted practices to motivate students to realise this vision. Every class is given opportunity to conduct morning assembly on rotation basis where the students showcase their expressions through various forms.

Themes of Morning Assembly
Session 2015 - 16

Working Days Date Day Class Theme
1 01st April 2015 Wednesday XII F Welcome Assembly  - A sacred beginning : Mahavir Jayanti
Abjure violence in thought, word and deed, always adhere to the path of ahimsa
2 04th April 2015 Saturday XII A International Children’s Book Day : Enactment from your favourite book
3 07th April 2015 Tuesday XII B World Health Day : What can we do together to make our community a healthier place
4 09th April 2015 Thursday XII C Building Competitive Edge : English Literary Quiz Competition( Class XII )
5 14th April 2015 Tuesday XII D Ambedkar Jayanti : Educate-Agitate-Organize
6 16th April 2015 Thursday X A Skit : Technology and Teens
7 18th April 2015 Saturday X B Worldn Heritage Day : Play on ‘Rich Heritage, Poor Upkeep’
8 21st  April 2015 Tuesday X C International Mother Earth Day  (Opening of Earth Week)
9 23rd April 2015 Thursday X D Building Competitive Edge : Poetry by Nature Poets ( Class X)
10 28th April 2015 Tuesday X E Cricket Legend Sachin : Playing It My Way
11 30th April 2015 Thursday IX A Radio Show: Tete-e-tete with Authors
12 02nd May 2015 Saturday IX B Budh Purnima : A tryst with Budhhism 
13 04th May 2015 Monday IX C Building Competitive Edge : English  Debate on  ‘Media Rules the World’ (Class IX) on World Press Freedom Day
14 05th May 2015 Tuesday IX D Celebrating successful Journey of KIIT
15 07th May 2015 Thursday IX E Edu Affairs with Rabindranath Tagore 
16 12th May 2015 Tuesday VIII A World Migratory Bird Day (10 – 11th  May)
17 14th May 2015 Thursday VIII B Building Competitive Edge : Song on ‘Peace and Harmony ’ (Class VIII)
18 16th May 2015 Saturday VIII C Revolutionary Writers
19 19th May 2015 Tuesday VIII D Reader’s Review : Ruskin Bond
20 21st May 2015 Thursday VII A World No – Tobacco Day (31st  May)
Building Competitive Edge : Street Play on ‘Substance Abuse’ Class VII
21 23rd May Saturday VII B Harivansh Rai Bachchan : Rhythmical creation of beauty in words
22 25th June 2015 Thursday VII C Special Assembly for CBSE Board Results.
23 27th June 2015 Saturday VII D Reader’s Review: 10 Invincible thoughts by Chankya
24 30th June 2015 Tuesday VII E Ways of sustainable Living
25 02nd July 2015 Thursday VI A Building Competitive Edge : Skit on Environmental Issues Class VI
26 04th July 2015 Saturday VI B Lets Know about the Environmentalists
27 07th July 2015 Tuesday VI C World Population Day (11th  July)
28 09th July 2015 Thursday VI D Building Competitive Edge : Dance reflecting elements of nature VI and VII
29 14th July 2015 Tuesday XI A Soils sustains life and good health
30 16th July 2015 Thursday XI B Building Competitive Edge : Bio Diversity (Class XI)
31 21st July 2015 Tuesday XI C Soil and Crops
32 23rd July 2015 Thursday XI D Kargil Vijay Diwas(26th July)&Tilak and Azad’s Birth Anniversary
33 28th July 2015 Tuesday XI F Soils, Culture, and People
34 30th July 2015 Thursday XII F Building Competitive Edge : IT Wiz  Quiz Class XI and XII
35 04th August 2015 Tuesday XII A Five recent scientific innovations that changed how we live our lives
36 06th August 2015 Thursday XII B Building Competitive Edge : CEO Hunt Commerce Stream
37 11th August 2015 Tuesday XII C International Youth Day (12th August)
38 13th August 2015 Thursday XII D Independence Day Celebrations
39 18th August 2015 Tuesday X A World Humanitarian Day(19th August)
40 20th August 2015 Thursday X B Building Competitive Edge : Shlokauchharan Class X

The Winner was Parul Khattar(X D), Second Position was bagged by Rhythm Rana( X-B) and the Third position by Itika Attri (X D). 

Celebration of World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day is observed on, to mark the historic discovery by British doctor Sir Ronald Ross in 1897 that malaria is transmitted between humans by female Anopheles mosquitoes. In order to commemorate the  achievements and the contribution of the Nobel Prize Winner, Dr.Ross and to develop an urge for scientific explorations and development techniques, a Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class  X-B. The students raised awareness of the dangers of Malaria, and the ways to prevent it .They informed some Home Remedies like use of Neem Oil and Mosquito Repellents. They iterated the need to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.

41 22nd August 2015 Saturday X C Sanskrit Day(24th August)
42 25th August 2015 Tuesday X D Story of a Business Tycoon : Sir Dorab Ji Tata
43 27th August 2015 Thursday X E Building Competitive Edgde : Scottish Dance Class IX and X
44 01st September Tuesday IX A Rich Heritage of India. Open Heritage Month
45 03rd September Thursday IX B Janamashtmi Celebrations : Geeta Updesh
46 08th September Tuesday IX C International Literacy Day
47 10th September Thursday IX D Building Competitive Edge : Kaviyon ki Goshthi  on the occassion of Hindi Day (14th September)  Class IX
48 15th September Tuesday IX E International Day of Democracy
49 17th September Thursday VIII A Building Competitive Edge : Jingle Competition Class VIII ‘Save Monuments’
50 06th October Tuesday VIII B Opening of Music Festival : Harmony in Instruments
51 08th October Thursday VIII C International day for the Girl Child(11th October) and Indian Air Force Day (8th October)
52 13th October Tuesday VIII D Building Competitive Edge : Battlefield of notes and strings (Group Song) Class VIII
53 15th October Thursday VII A Birth Anniversary of Abul Kalam “An excerpt from his book”
54 20th October Tuesday VII B Dussehra ,  Valmiki Jayanti
55 29th October Thursday VII C Building Competitive Edge : ‘Jingles on Girl Child’ Class VII
56 03rd November Tuesday VII D Remembering Amartyasen : Nobel Laureate
57 05th November Thursday VII E Diwali  Celebrations
58 17th November Tuesday VI A International Day for Tolerance (16th November)
59 19th November Thursday VI B Building Competitive Edge : Ramp Show ‘A tribute to brave women of India’
(Laxmi Bai and Indira Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary) Class VI
60 24th November Tuesday VI C Guru Nanak Jayanti
61 26th November Thursday VI D Healthy Children, Happy Children - What does it take to be Happy
62 01st December Tuesday XI A World AIDS Day
63 03rd December Thursday XI B International Day of Persons with Disabilities
64 08th December Tuesday XI C Anti - Corruption Day (9th December)
65 10th December Thursday XI D Human Rights Day
66 15th December Tuesday XI F Joy of Charity
67 17th December Thursday X A Building Competitive Edge: English Debate ‘Will India ever become a corruption Free Country ?’  Class XI and X
68 22nd December Tuesday X B Respecting Diversity : Id – Ul – Milad and  Christmas Celebrations
69 29th December Tuesday X C Building Business Empires : Rattan Tata and Dhiru Bhai Ambani 
70 11th January 16 Monday X D MATHletes
71 12th January 16 Tuesday X E Nano-science will impact our sports and clothing in the future
72 14th January 16 Thursday IX A Army Day (15th January)
73 19th January 16 Tuesday IX B Famous Heritage Monuments of Europe
74 21st January 16 Thursday IX C Shubhash Chandra Bose Birthday (23rd January) Enactment from his life
75 23rd January 16 Saturday IX D Republic Day (26th January)  And National Voters Day (25th January)
76 28th January 16 Thursday IX E Martyr’s Day (30th January)
77 02nd February 16 Tuesday VIII A Tourist Destinations of Asia
78 04th February 16 Thursday VIII B Building Competitive Edge : World Cancer Day : Health Quiz
79 06th February 16 Saturday VIII C Tourism and Economy of Australia
80 09th February 16 Tuesday VIII D History of Tourism
81 11th February 16 Thursday VII A Birth Anniversary of Dayananad Saraswati(12th February)
82 16th February 16 Tuesday VII B Our Heritage :  “Do we care enough?”
83 18th February 16 Thursday VII C Closure : Last Assembly of the session. Celebrating the memorable events of the session gone by