Dr. Ayush Gupta - UCMS, Delhi

KIIT shaped me into a disciplined and ambitious human being. I am indebted to the school, its teachers and specially my principal, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia ma’am for believing in me. Because of you ma’am, I never gave up. KIIT gave me immense experience which helped me face the pressure of a medical college without breaking down at any point. Thank you KIIT for modelling patience, honesty, courage, perseverance, wisdom, responsibility and a commitment to a lifelong learning in the best way possible, each day and every moment in your classrooms.

Heena Gambhir - Business News Anchor and Reporter, NDTV Profit

It gives me immense pride to be a part of KIIT World School. I feel nostalgic and elated to recall my enriching experience at my school. My school has been the best in inculcating values and has laid a strong educational foundation for me. I am highly indebted to the school who gave me a good platform to enhance my communication and oratory skills. I was able to develop my analytical and thinking skills in the school.

Sandeep Lal - M.A. Sc.(Windsor), M.Eng.(Nottingsham)], Electronics Engineer, VerifEye Technologies Inc. Canada

KIIT ( or New State Academy as I know it ) continues to be a launchpad for those of us fortunate enough to graduate therefrom, and for our many big dreams. Among my fondest memories are my teachers and their countless hours, in class and after, sculpting my future with me. All I had to do was ask, and I’d have their care and guidance. Although it has been 12 long years since I left, I still muse about my time there as being in the audience of great opera, with Mrs. Bhatia- the director – and her cohort of teachers – the band – setting each student’s life to fine symphony. I acquired my philosophy of life from that very ditty : it doesn’t matter how fast you grow folks, just how well you do! I am, and forever will be, proud of my alma mater.

Shweta Chauhan - IPS Addl. DCP Outer District

It was a delightful experience for me to be among the students and teachers of KIIT World School. I was amazed to see the inherent discipline of the students. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I laud the efforts of the students in the field of academics and co curricular activities. I wish the students and staff a success in accomplishing their goals and keep up the good work

Marianne Tudor - Craig

I visited KIIT World School on 13th August 2013 as part of my audit of British Council’s Connecting Classroom’s programme. On arrival my colleague and I were greeted with the beautiful rendition of 2 songs – one in Hindi and one in English. A cohort of teachers and students then gave us a presentation on Global Learning at KIIT. I was dazzled by the range of different topics in the projects undertaken as well as the number of different countries involved. I counted 18. I was particularly interested in topic of ‘Mathemagic’ as it can be quite difficult to incorporate an international theme into the subject of Mathematics After the presentation, as part of the audit, I interviewed the Principal and two teachers and conducted a focus group with 6 students. I relished finding out how the school, teachers and students had been involved with activities from Connecting Classrooms. The six students agreed that what they most liked about connecting to other people around the world is that it helps them to become “an Indian Global Citizen”.Thank you very much KIIT for welcoming me so heartily into your school

Sally Ann Walker -

As Programme Manager of the School Enterprise Challenge competition, it has been an absolute pleasure visiting KIIT World School and meeting the award – winning members of ‘Nutri Café’. Teach A Man To Fish’ were so impressed with the achievements of this school enterprise. We specially loved the creativity the team showed with constant innovations to their product and the way they capitalised on every opportunity to market their business. I have been lucky enough to visit the school twice this year. In June, I got to sample some of the delicious Nutri Café menu and interact with students and teachers about their experience on the school Enterprise Challenge. It was great to hear about the many new skills the students had learned and their business. In September, KIIT World School were kind enough to support me in producing a teacher training video on ‘Business Idea Generation.’ The students and staff did such an excellent job and were absolutely naturals on camera! This video was showcased at ‘The UNESCO/UNEVOC Global Forum on skills for work and life’ in Germany and will also be used to help schools around the world in the 2015 School Enterprise Challenge. Thank you KIIT and the Nutri Café team for being a constant source of inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs!

Kalyani Rajan - Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature Delhi University

I’ve been working as an Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature in various colleges of Delhi University since 2009, including the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College and Shri Ram College of Commerce. New State Academy Sr. Sec School shaped me both as a student and as a person. It gave me an impetus to my natural flair for languages, especially english. I also vividly remember consuming many volumes of Premchand apart from Shakespeare, in the wonderful school library right before starting class X, an unmatched library exposure for a young student, who was later to pursue the medical stream. Having studied under both Bhatia ma’am and Neelima ma’am sparked in me an abiding interest in science that I’m proud to nurture till date. I’m thankful and indebted to both : the English teachers for encouraging my natural flair for the language; and the Principal whose personal attention I was fortunate to receive as a member of the student council, which not only inspired me to excel in my field but also instilled in me the ardent desire to join the teaching profession and take up the challenge of igniting in young minds the same fervor to pursue and realise their immense potential. Thank you NSA, now KIIT.